Products I Love


BOTTLE WARMER: This Kiinde bottle warmer is my husband’s life saver. When our baby boy Axel gets hungry and fussy, I can breastfeed him within a few seconds. It took my husband several minutes to get the bottle ready and warm up the milk to the right temperature by running it under warm water (you don’t want to microwave breast milk). This would stress him out which would ultimately stress me out! I did some research and found this top rated bottle warmer. It warms up the milk quickly and safely. You can warm up milk from the fridge or freezer and from glass or plastic bags and bottles! This is a must have item, especially for daddy.

BOTTLE STEAM CLEANER: This is one of those items I didn’t know existed before becoming a mom. If you would have asked me a few months I ago if I needed a bottle steam cleaner I would have laughed and said no. I am all about saving money and thought I would have no problem washing the bottle pieces by hand. Well, when I am preparing three bottles a day for daycare and using pump parts all day, I have A LOT of hand washing to do in the evening. I was spending a good 15-20 minutes a night carefully sanitizing and hand washing each piece. Often times I would miss spots and have to re-wash them the next day. This steamer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria within 6 minutes! That’s so much time I am saving. Time becomes even more important to you when you become a parent because you feel like you have very little of it!

BABY JUMPER: I am so excited about this rainforest jumper. Axel is almost 5 months old and he is in the in between stages of trying to sit up on his own and so close to crawling. I swear he learns something new every single day! Because we have a Great Dane, we only let Axel roll around on the floor when we are right there net to him supervising since our pup is clumsy. Axel gets bored of his tummy time and wants more interaction and exploring. This jumper allows him to sit up, bounce and do all kinds of exploring! This was a gift from my mother in law. Thank you Nana Le Le!


DOG CRATE PAD: We have a Great Dane that can destroy anything. For awhile we were trying to leave her out free to roam the house when we left. Due to her separation anxiety, we weren’t able to keep doing that because she chewed part of our couch and wood trim! We wanted her to be comfortable but were tired of going through cheap dog beds. I found these K9 Ballistics TUFF products and they were the perfect fit for our beast. They are machine washable, dirt/hair/odor resistant and come in lots of colors. They also have extra large sizes for our extra large doggy!


HUMIDIFIER: This cool mist humidifier is our latest purchase. With baby Axel bringing home lots of germs from daycare, we have all been sick lately. Being sick mixed with the cold weather brings stuffy noses and scratchy throats. In the evening, I add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and this brings moisture into our bedroom while we sleep and clears our stuffy noses. I also use it during the day while I am cleaning the house. I use a couple drops of lemongrass essential oils and my house smells so natural and fresh! I don’t like the smell of artificial cleaners and sprays so this is perfect. It also has a modern wood grain look and lights up different colors which is cool!