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October 14, 2017

I was surprised to talk about my baking so much in my interview for a position in IT! On my resume, I have 8 years experience at a bakery and my interviewers wanted to know more! I shared with them how much I love to bake and bragged a little about how I make the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Funny thing is, I didn’t do the baking at my bakery job. I was mainly a cashier! I think I talked more about baking than my previous corporate experience! Weeks later, I was hired and of course I had to bring in these famous cookies I had bragged about.

When you bring food to share to the office, people will stop and talk to you. People that you may not know. Why is this a good thing? Because you want friends in all places! I have been with the company for less than two years and I feel like I have a friend in every department (part of that is my personality, but the cookies help). Hopefully they like me as a person too and not just for my cookies ha! This is positive because if I am working on a cross-functional project, I have friends all over the company who are willing to help me out!

Now, I am not using my cookies just to get help with my work. I do love baking and sharing. I share with all, not just those who I think will help me! But it sure is a great feeling to have individuals looking out for you. For example, if I am on a big project, I have had friends from other teams email me with information that might be helpful to my application. They didn’t have to do that but I am sure glad they did! Sharing cookies = sharing knowledge, yay for teamwork! The cookies are just a way to break the ice and meet people. I take it a step further and continue to build the relationship!

Each time I bake these, I make them small and I can get a couple dozen out of each batch. I bring most of them into the office to share, otherwise my husband will eat them all and get a belly ache! After a few times of sharing, I had a reputation as the cookie lady. I get asked all the time when I will be baking next. When I went on maternity leave for 12 weeks, my poor co-workers had nobody to bake for them. The first week I was back to work, they were begging me for more cookies! They had some serious cookie withdrawals. It reminds me of that episode of friends where Monica keeps making candy because she loves the attention but can’t keep up! 😊

So what’s my secret? It’s the temperature I bake at and the duration. I bake these at 350 degrees for exactly 10 minutes and 30 seconds and they turn out perfect every time! When I take them out of the oven, I set the baking sheet on the stove and let them set for 3 minutes. They will look like they are not done at first but they are, trust me. They just need to set. After the 3 minutes, I carefully transfer them from the baking sheet to a paper towel on my counter top where they can continue to set. They turn out looking beautiful and they are so soft and delicious every time. My husband said he has never had a better chocolate chip cookie. What a compliment!

I have even won some friendly bake-off competitions with this recipe. I got this from All Recipes a few years back and modified it. I hand mix the ingredients every single time. It’s more work but that’s just how I do it. I am sure it would be just fine to use a mixer. We got my mother in law the red kitchen aide mixer (shown below) and she loves it. Her favorite thing to make with it is homemade pizza dough! My mom has a white one and uses it for lots of baking. Especially that raspberry torte cake that my dad begs for every birthday. That cake takes an insane amount of time to make so that’s when a mixer really comes in handy!

I usually use all organic ingredients but that can get expensive. I have made these cookies with non-organic ingredients too and they are still delicious so it just depends on if you’re into that sort of thing. Try making these for your co-workers and family – they will love you! But beware, they will come back asking for more, they always do. Enjoy!

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