ABOUT US: My name is Sadie and my husband’s name is Andrew. I was born in Germany and raised in the great dairy state of Wisconsin. My husband was born and raised in Wisconsin which is where we met! We have been married since 2014. We have a sweet baby boy named Axel and a Great Dane named Quinn.

EDUCATION: I have a bachelors in Business Management and a masters in Business Administration. My husband has a degree in computer programming and has been in the field for over a decade! He is one smart guy. I swear he can teach himself anything. I LOVE to learn and grow my knowledge. My dream is to go back to school for a masters in Computer Science to grow in my career in the IT industry. I am putting that dream on hold for now so I can focus on saving funds for my baby boy’s future education. My husband sometimes thinks about going back to school but he is so good at teaching himself anything he needs to know that he hasn’t found the need yet! He isn’t a huge nerd about school like I am!

WORK: My husband and I both work in IT at the same company! This is the second company where we have worked together and it is so fun. Some people find it strange to work with your spouse but I love it so much. It is nice to commute together and sometimes eat lunch together. We keep is very professional at the office – no kissing or hand holding! We save that for home 🙂

The first company we worked at together was an global EDI provider. I was a Business Analyst and he was a Software Engineer. We were in different departments but we were able to help each other in our work with the skills and knowledge we had. Now we work in IT at a door and window manufacturing company. We are on different teams so it’s not like we are sitting next to each other all day long. We have the same roles at this company as a Business Analyst and Software Engineer.

HOBBIES: I enjoy working on my blog and Etsy shop. I also love crafting! Within the last few years I have learned to knit and sew which has been a lot of fun. I also enjoy making paper banners and doing a variety of DIY crafts that involve things from nature (leaves, feathers, pine cones, etc)

My husband loves all things cars. He used to work for a company analyzing auto data and a dealership. In his free time he is likely watching a car show or reading articles about cars! He also enjoys woodworking. He has made all sorts of custom pieces including shelves, dining tables, stand up coolers and a wine cabinet. One of his all time favorite things is to wonder Home Depot. I’ll never understand it.

Together, we love relaxing at his parents’ cabin up north, hiking and iced coffees. On rainy days we are probably snuggled up watching a movie with our baby and pup. We enjoy all of the seasons the Midwest has to offer. We love finding treasures at flea markets and rummage sales. Some of our coolest Etsy items have come from rummage sales!

FAMILY: I have three younger siblings (two sisters and a brother). My sister, Kiele, is strong willed, giving and stoic. She got married and had children at a young age and loves it. My brother, Ethan, is charismatic, hard-working and hilarious. He is such a mellow dude and I can always laugh with him. My sister, Chloe, is artsy, quick-witted and intellectual. Her happy place is in nature and she loves to read. My mom and dad are both amazing. They both came from broken homes and somehow managed to be wonderful parents. They have worked hard and made sacrifices for us for as long as I can remember.

Photo Cred: Whitney Wiatt (whitneywiatt.com)

My husband has one younger brother and one older brother. My husband always claims to have been such a good, obedient child but after seeing some family videos, I don’t believe him! He seemed like a little rascal. His older bro, Matt, is career driven and loves to travel. His younger brother, Adam, is a minimalist and loves nature and dogs! His parents are amazing. Many people cringe at the thought of in-laws but I enjoy mine! They have accepted me since day one and are so kind and generous.