WELCOME: Welcome to my site! I am so glad you are here. I initially wanted to start blogging to make extra money to put away for my child’s future. As I began researching, I realized there are a lot of topics I am passionate about. What a great gift to share with others my mistakes and helpful tips that may inspire and help them in life. I am no expert but do have some pretty cool stories to share. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and be sure to check out our Etsy shop!

BEHIND THE NAME: I love to make my husband big hearty breakfasts on weekends and one day I was joking that I would make him a breakfast so great, that it would be deemed worthy of a Lumberjack. At that moment, I knew I wanted to incorporate “Lumberjack” into our brand. And let’s face it, with the combination of his beard, flannels, and woodworking skills, he is basically a lumberjack.